Supplier Development Programs

Supplier Development Programs

We assist you to establish a robust supplier development program.The program’s objectives are to build capabilities and capacity of diverse suppliers to enhance their competitiveness and support growth in these communities.  The primary focus of this training and developmental program is to improve the effectiveness of the diverse suppliers to meet the needs of The Company and to create conditions for them to be competitive in the global marketplace.

A strategy for promoting economic growth and reducing poverty by building SMMEs, membership organisations to represent them and competitive markets that are stronger and more inclusive. It consists of monetary and non-monetary, recoverable and non-recoverable contributions actually initiated in favour of a beneficiary entity by a measured entity with the specific objective of assisting or accelerating the development, sustainability and ultimate financial independence of the beneficiary.

Assistance for SME’s with ensuring SHE and Labour standards legal compliance through

  • Posters – including BCEA, EE and OHS Act posters
  • Equipment Inspection Registers
  • Incident Investigation Documents and Systems
  • Risk Assessment Templates
  • OHS Acts and MHS Acts
  • First Aid and Firefighting training through our business partners


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